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Telemark & Freeride

Telemark & Freeride


It is a sport to rediscover the past mountain habits and experience a different feeling surrounded by a unique landscape.

Telemark the "free heel skiing", is a symbol for elegance. The way our grandparents used to ski is now an opportunity for all those who want to experience something new, something that other winter sports can’t offer.Technique, strength and sensitivity come together in an ancient dance on the snow and it’s the body of the skier that actually creates the curve. The physical effort that is required is repaid by unique emotions.


Many people talk about it, some of them tell of unbelievable cliffs, steep slopes and legendary avalanches.

Well, what we do is give you the precious opportunity to discover the magical world of off-piste, enchanted woods and fairy-tale landscapes. In our opinion, this is the magic of Freeride. It means discovering hidden places covered with soft snow, leaving a sign of our passage that - by magic – will suddenly disappear. Freeride (off-piste) can be practiced by everyone, there’s no exception; of course, you have to learn how to ski with parallel skis first, but once you have learned the basics of skiing technique there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try an exciting freeride experience in the snow! The recent evolution of the materials, and skis with a wider base have made it easier to practice freeride and our ski school - with its qualified instructors and alpine guides - will offer you the possibility to experience the magic in complete safety.

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We have just returned from an amazing short family holiday in Santa Caterina. My three young boys had Maurizio as their instructor. They started as complete non-skiers and after just four lessons, they were skiing beautifully! Thank you so much, hope to see you next year.



Two of my friends and I have just finished a week of classes with Flavio, a fantastic instructor whose English is impeccable with a flawless teaching style. All three of us came away feeling greatly improved with our skiing ability.



The ski instructors are very kind, helpful and nice, they combine skills with sweetness. My son was so thrilled and can't wait to experience it again.



Wonderful place, amazing people, great ski school. The ski instructors are real professionals. I really recommend them. Thank you so much.


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